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PhoneFaxE- Mail [email protected] ottobock. Since it is easy to adapt, it is particularly well suited for early patient mobilisation. He had the courage to break new ground and set standards that would ultimately revolutionise an entire industry. Home Prosthetics Upper limb prosthetics Solution overview. Therefore, please contact your local Otto Bock office or representative for more information. Home Orthotics Products from A to Z Dorso Osteo Care. Improved protection with skin care liner. The Dorso Osteo Care spinal orthosis helps with osteoporosis.
Home Company Clinical Services Network. Road, Chembur East · Mumbai· India. Myoelectric Speed hands.
Holding and grasping objects. Otto Bock HealthCare LP 11501 Alterra Parkway Suite 600 Austin, TX 78758 USA. Prosthesis wearers know how important the characteristics of their liner are, since it connects the residual limb to the prosthetic socket. Supplier L Code options expressed herein are based upon information provided by the manufacturer.
Copolymer liner 6Y90, 6Y92. The 28U90 ankle foot orthosis was designed for rapid, temporary use as an initial fitting, for example after an injury. Com Internet www. The 3S80 Sport knee joint in combination with the 4R204 Sport foot adapter and the 1E90 carbon spring foot is ideal for sporty transfemoral amputees who enjoy running. Links to social media sites are intended to facilitate communications between Otto Bock users and they may contain information that is not in accordance with the Australian regulations. Combined with myoelectric arm prostheses, the SensorHand Speed and VariPlus Speed prosthetic hands make it possible to hold objects, grasp and be active. 1st Floor · Vikas Centre · Dr. Under the leadership of Dr. In addition to protecting against the forces acting in the. The final responsibility for correct coding is the sole responsibility of the practitioner submitting the claim. Myo Terminal Devices ( 73) Myo Prosthetic Glove ( 13) Myo Wrist Units and Rotation ( 13) Myo Batteries / Chargers ( 33). 3S80 Sport knee joint.
Otto bock tobillo ortesista. Sleek, elegant and cutting- edge in both design and technology, the bebionic range pushes the boundaries of multi- articulating myoelectric hands. Home Prosthetics Products from A to Z. Otto Bock HealthCare India Pvt. Information for amputees.
Max Näder, Ottobock became a. Decisiveness, the prosthetist Otto Bock founded Ottobock Orthopädische Industrie GmbH in Berlin in 1919. Based on the natural model, the 1C30 Trias prosthetic foot features a strikingly attractive appearance in addition to very comfortable mobility. The Ottobock Clinical Services Network offers customised orthopaedic treatment and rehabilitation solutions for users around the globe.
14 selectable grip patterns and hand positions enable you to perform a huge number of everyday activities with ease. The upper body is straightened, the musculature strengthened and bone regeneration improved.

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